Contemporary Landscape &

Abstract Paintings

by Dave Reiter

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“Fall Explosion” (16 x 20 inch)

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas over Board

“Vibrant Beginnings” (16 x 20 inch)

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas over Board

“Autumn Aspens VI” (6 x 6 inch)

Oil & Mixed Media on Board

“Pumpkins & Squash with Straw Bale” (12 x 12 inch)

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas over Board

Dave’s Blog

A lot of people seem to be envious of the creativity that we as artists have. They think it is somehow magical or that we have received some special gift of some kind. While that may be true in a sense, I happen to believe that all of us have the ability to be creative in different areas of life. I write this blog to really encourage the non-artist and give you a few insights into how you can unlock the creativity within you and gain inspiration in your every-day life. Each blog that you read is written to inspire you to live life like an artist, whether you are one or not. I believe that as you read and implement what you read a lot of creativity and inspiration will come your way. Enjoy!

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